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First Global Consultants, Inc. (Serving Clients Since: 1999)

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • Loyalty & Analytics Solution
    • Data Management & Compliance
    • Digital Transformation / Digital Card
    • Web-Mobile Development


First Global Consultants Inc. (FGCSOFT) is a Canadian based Software Consultancy Company which helps its clients to gain competitive advantage by providing cost-effective and efficient business and technological solutions. First Global Consultants Inc. (FGCSOFT) has been serving its clients Serving Clients Since: 1999 in Toronto, Canada.

First Global Consultants Inc. (FGCSOFT) consists of a team of software developers with strong background in internet/ intranet/extranet programming and Mobile software applications. Our software team has over fifteen years of industrial experience in complete software development life cycle i.e. methodologies, systems analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation. Our primary focus at FGCSOFT lies in industries like loyalty, financial, retail, educational, human-resources and semi-government.

First Global Consultants Inc. (FGCSOFT) team has been developing programs within the Loyalty sector for over ten years and has a very strong acumen in this space. Our company has developed and built several applications to support loyalty businesses that includes but not limited to Web-Portals, POS, Transaction Processing System, Electronic Customer Relation Management (E-CRM) System, Call center application, Offer Management, e-Catalogues, Store Fronts, Referral programs and much more.

First Global Consultants Inc. (FGCSOFT) team has been delivering enterprise level ecommerce appli­cations, and enabling businesses to use technol­ogy to benefit their busi­ness, while reducing and containing costs.